High Quality Furniture, Electronics and Appliances with Flexible Payment Options

Affordable Quality Merchandise
At RED DOOR Home Furnishings in El Paso, Texas you'll find just the furniture, electronics and appliances you're looking for. We offer the most PAYMENT OPTIONS of any lease purchase or rent-to-own competitor. You can purchase, lease or finance our top quality merchandise, including our custom made, real-wood, furniture. LOW PRICE GUARANTEE.  NO CREDIT NEEDED.  FREE DELIVERY. RED DOOR is the only company to offer continual 4 MONTHS SAME-AS-CASH and 6 MONTHS SAME-AS-CASH programs.  With our ANYTIME PAYOFF program, you can purchase your leased merchandise at anytime for 50% of the remaining balance, a benefit none of our competitors offer. 

Behind the RED DOOR

At RED DOOR Home Furnishings in El Paso, Texas we are more than just a furniture and electronics store. We strive to be the place where you can go and know you'll be taken care of. In many cultures, travelers recognize a red door as a welcoming safe haven. In others, it can symbolize good luck and a place of protection. Some paint their doors red as a proud symbol of being debt- or mortgage-free. To us, the red door is a symbol of our commitment to serving our neighbors in the same way that we would our family and friends, and you'll find big benefits from our small company. 

A Small Company with Big Opportunities
We realize that, as a small company, we have the opportunity to provide a level of service that big corporations simply cannot deliver. Behind our RED DOOR, you enjoy more personalized service where your handshake and your word are more important than credit scores. Where large companies try to be all things to all people, we narrowed our focus to providing hard-working families with high quality furnishings and electronics at great prices. With us you enjoy terms you can afford a variety of easy-to-get-to locations, and friendly service.